February 14, 2014

 Heart to Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovely ladies! Whether you’re spending the day with a husband, fiancé, boyfriend, family (like I am), or just by yourself, I hope it’s the best one yet, and filled with lots of roses chocolate!

Of course I had to use props (and lots of glitter) for a Valentine’s Day themed shoot!!

 Are you surprised I added my favorite flower?? (I'm not)

Don’t know where I would be without my everyday jewelry..Yurman and Kors make this girl very happy (and fashionable). P.S.- anybody want to help add to my cable bracelet collection? ;)   

 PINK & GLITTER: MY TWO FAVORITE THINGS. I mean seriously, what’s better than those two things, especially combined?! I just adore the color too- neon pink without being “too bold”. (Who am I kidding, there is never actually anything that’s “too bold”.) 

 Secret: it has always been a dream of mine to blow glitter at a camera. So obviously that was the one picture I was most excited to take (and see!) I felt like a princess, but without my prince. (Sigh.) But seriously, how amazing are these shots?! Way to go, Brooke!!
 This shot is probably one of my favorites, because I had no idea Brooke was taking the picture. I was midst-throwing glitter in the air, and laughing a bit uncontrollably. (Partly because I had glitter all over my lips and in my mouth. Side note- glitter does NOT taste as pretty as it looks.)
 This shoot was SO fun and is definitely going to be heart to beat in the future!! I hope everyone has had a wonderful, love-filled Valentine's Day and may it only get better as the night progresses! 


(P.S.- yes, I added an extra "xo" because who doesn't need a little more love?)

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