February 20, 2016

Black Out

As we all know, there is nothing I love more than a black-on-black ensemble. On top of it being easy, an all-black look looks great almost all the time. I paired this Banana Republic 'Crepe Fringe Top' with my go-to Ann Taylor leather leggings. One of my favorite boutiques in Auburn, The Mint Julep Boutique, apparently read my mind when they sent me these black suede strappy heels! I have been dying for a pair to dress up jeans or pair with nicer pieces. To finish the look, I accessorized with Talbot's large drop-earrings (similar to these) and a Talbot's leather tassel crossbody (similar to this and this). 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! 


October 29, 2015

Transitioning into Fall

For me, the biggest downside to living in the south is the bi-polar weather. I have issues every day trying to decide what to wear because it will be 55 and raining one day, then 80 and sunny the next. {Seriously, that happened this week in Auburn. Not cool. No pun intended.} Even though I grew up in California, I absolutely LOVE cold weather! Nothing makes me happier than curling up by the fire place with a cup of tea, a good book and a giant blanket scarf. But that will surely not be happening anytime soon in Alabama. So, I leave it up to lightweight pieces in order to make it through the first awkward stages of the "southern fall". 

When I was home two weeks ago, I went shopping at Talbots and picked up this ah-mazing sweater. It's light and feels just like cashmere! Plus, the silhouette is super flattering on anyone. It's also easily pair-able with jeans, skirts and slacks! I chose to wear it with my go-to Ann Taylor ankle skinnies and Tory Burch pumps. And when it get's chilly at night, a classic trench is always a good idea! It was quick to throw together and extremely comfortable without looking lazy or frumpy. Now if only the weather would stay at 50 degrees for more than a day!! 


Top | Jeans | Shoes: Tory Burch {Same pump, different color} | Trench Coat | Bucket bag: Ann Taylor {SimilarSimilar

The Classic B&W with a Touch of Chic

 Is it possible to ever go wrong with black and white? I don't think so. When in doubt, I like to find a simple yet chic dress, and throw it on with some heels, red lips and a bold accessory. Below, I have linked some b&w pieces (and lipstick, of course) that you can wear with virtually anything!! 


Dress | Dress | Pump | Pump | Necklace | Necklace | Lipstick {my fav!} | Lipstick 

October 4, 2015

Breaking the Rules: Navy x Black Edition 

Happy October, lovelies! After a very long week, I am finally getting to sit down and write about one of my favorite color combos, navy and black. Living in the south, I've noticed that there are many "rules" when it comes to fashion, and you all know I love breaking those rules. Rules are meant to be broken anyway, right? ;) This little rule is probably heard everywhere: never let black and navy be worn together. It's 2015, ladies. Pair navy with black and WORK IT

I absolutely love classic pieces. A black blazer, black cigarette pants and black pointed-toe pumps will go with virtually anything. Pair them with a feminine blouse (like mine from Target, which I happened to buy in three other colors) and a fun handbag, and you're set! My bucket bag is from Talbots (100% leather; score!) which I also have in one other color. Like they all say, when you find a favorite piece, get it in every color! 

(P.S. -- you guys missed some funny outtakes. I was actually on the phone with my mother in the third photo and she was just about to tell me that she would be in Auburn in 3 hours. (I love surprises!) But I only had about one million errands to run, so I couldn't decide if my squealing was from excitement or nervousness. The photoshoot was unfortunately cut short, but I got to see my best friend 24 hours earlier than expected! :)


BLOUSE: Target {Similar} | BLAZER: H&M {Similar} | PANTS | PUMPS: BCBG {Similar} | BUCKET BAG: Talbots {Similar

September 17, 2015

{ Modern Day Flower Child }

After what seems to have been the longest month of my life, I have finally taken some time to myself and am getting back into the blogging routine! Why my first bff at Auburn hasn’t been my photographer this whole time, I do not know.

Has anyone else been getting into this 70s look comeback?! I am borderline obsessed. I picked up this lace crop at Therapy boutique downtown and knew it needed its soulmate— bellbottoms. I never ever thought I would own a pair of high-waisted flare jeans, but here I am now {and I want 10 more pairs!} Of course, being only 5’3, 99% of them are about 6-8 inches too long with wedges. During my trip to Atlanta last weekend, I made a mad dash through every major department store and everywhere that sold jeans with zero luck. Just as I had given up, a pretty little Nordstrom associate was walking out of the back with petite Topshop high-waisted flares. I’m pretty sure my face made the heart-eyes emoji and she definitely noticed, immediately starting a fitting room for me. The wash isn’t exactly what I was looking for but the length was perfect, the fabric is super yummy and they were on sale! {I would sleep in them if it were socially acceptable.}

So once I had the nearly-perfect 70s inspired outfit pieced together, I knew I was missing something — a hat. Duh. With Phipps Plaza closing in 30 minutes, I walked as quickly as I could to Topshop in heels knowing that I would also need Starbucks before getting back on the road. Again, duh. I almost bought 3 different colors of the hat because I couldn’t decide, but I also knew I needed new Henri Bendel stacked rings so I chose to only get the grey hat. Sigh. Oh yeah, so as I was getting my venti iced-Americano, the lights started shutting off in the mall. I guess the saying "shop 'till you drop" doesn't apply at Phipps. 

Long story short, I feel like I should make a flower-halo and call it a day. Can Patti Hansen and I be besties now? P.S.- Can anyone help me find the perfect pair of petite dark wash high-waisted flares? I'll love you forever. 


Jeans // Crop Top // Hat // Shoes // Crossbody: Ann Taylor {Similar} {Similar}

{Photos by Victoria Beasley - IG}

August 5, 2015


{ Italian fashion exhibit @ the Frist Center in Nashville. Yes, I cried seeing pieces of Audrey's and Jackie's closets. }
{ reading the fashion bible, aka CR Fashion Book }
{ wednesday addams after a day @ Barney's... }
{ shoe heaven @ Saks in Nashville }
 { I'm coming back as Carrie Bradshaw in my next life }
{ feminine muse. painting by yours truly. }
{ all I need is my Yankees hat and Babe Walker. Okay, and maybe a tan. @ Perdido Key Beach }
{ I'm cheating on summer tanks with winter coats, shhh... }
{ thank you, Audrey Hepburn, for the black monochromatic inspo }


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March 12, 2015

Classic and Simple

There's nothing I love more than a timeless white button up. I've gone through my share of searching for the perfect one, and while in NYC, I found it! Brooks Brother makes the best-fitting and longest-wearing button up, called the Non-Iron Dress Shirt. They come in many different colors and styles, whether you'd like it fitted, petite, classic or ruffled. AND they're below $100! (I may or may not be ordering more of them right now...) I love to pair it with a pencil skirt and heels, but for running errands, I chose to throw on some jeans and Tory Burch pumps. Who say's you have to dress down just to run to Target? ;)

What items do you consider to be timeless?

Shirt | Jeans | Shoes: Similar | Handbag | Watch | Bracelet | Bracelet | Sunnies