October 4, 2015

Breaking the Rules: Navy x Black Edition 

Happy October, lovelies! After a very long week, I am finally getting to sit down and write about one of my favorite color combos, navy and black. Living in the south, I've noticed that there are many "rules" when it comes to fashion, and you all know I love breaking those rules. Rules are meant to be broken anyway, right? ;) This little rule is probably heard everywhere: never let black and navy be worn together. It's 2015, ladies. Pair navy with black and WORK IT

I absolutely love classic pieces. A black blazer, black cigarette pants and black pointed-toe pumps will go with virtually anything. Pair them with a feminine blouse (like mine from Target, which I happened to buy in three other colors) and a fun handbag, and you're set! My bucket bag is from Talbots (100% leather; score!) which I also have in one other color. Like they all say, when you find a favorite piece, get it in every color! 

(P.S. -- you guys missed some funny outtakes. I was actually on the phone with my mother in the third photo and she was just about to tell me that she would be in Auburn in 3 hours. (I love surprises!) But I only had about one million errands to run, so I couldn't decide if my squealing was from excitement or nervousness. The photoshoot was unfortunately cut short, but I got to see my best friend 24 hours earlier than expected! :)


BLOUSE: Target {Similar} | BLAZER: H&M {Similar} | PANTS | PUMPS: BCBG {Similar} | BUCKET BAG: Talbots {Similar

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