February 20, 2014

edgy meets flirty

It’s fun to get a little wild every now and then, right? Of course! But the leather just couldn’t stand without some neon pink partying beside it.

Here’s the look all together. Leather sleeves, casual boyfriend jeans, a subtle hint of snakeskin, and loud pops of pink. (What more could you ask for?) Oh, glitter would be nice too, but let’s not get carried away with ourselves…

 I got this Celine bag as a Valentines Day gift from a special someone ;) I’ve been dying for this handbag for so so SO long and I guess he knew that from me mentioning it a few million times..hehe.

 Besides the J Crew link bracelet, this is my everyday jewelry. Can’t go wrong with Yurman & Kors!!

 On my phone..as always….I mean can you blame me? Instagram and all of these lovely fashion bloggers await! (Plus, I just adore how the gold polka dots go with the tassel & monogram necklaces.)

 Okay, lets be real here. Taking walking pictures is probably one of the most difficult things to do. Foot/leg placement, perfect handbag position, wind-to-hair ratio…I feel like I’m trying to solve a calculus problem. But in this case, it’s actually kinda fun!

Why so serious?? (Probably because I was trying not to laugh at the drivers passing by and staring at Brooke and me.)

 Ugh I just can’t get over this bag. I feel like I’m in a modern-day fairytale… Except for the fact that my prince lives 9 hours away :( But hey, that's what airplanes are for, and you will definitely find me carrying Miss Celine on my next flight! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of their week! Only 24 more hours until the weekend. 
(Can I get a heck yeah?!)


top : ann taylor loft {similar} // jeans : gap // pumps : sam & libby // handbag : celine {similar} // necklace : forever 21 {similar} // sunglasses : boutique {similar}


  1. That bag is too die for! He did very good :)

  2. Absolutely love everything about this look!

    - Lindsey & Amanda
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