September 21, 2013

     Ready for Fall…

Happy Saturday, everyone! I am back in Huntsville for the weekend and this weather couldn't be more perfect! I have gotten very tired of the hot and humid weather in Auburn, so it is absolutely amazing being able to throw on my Vince Camuto boots and J Crew Herringbone vest, and have the world famous PSL in hand. To top it off, my WONDERFUL mother was able to snag the last Phillip Lim for Target black bag the morning they were released in the store! Talk about a surprise after walking through the door yesterday! 
I hope y'all are having a great weekend! Enjoy some football! Xoxo


  1. so cute! i wore that vest today, too!


  2. Love this outfit - especially the herringbone vest! This outfit makes me miss autumn, it's spring here now.