January 29, 2014

solids, neutrals & stripes..oh my!!

Happy Wednesday! Sorry for not having as many outfit posts lately; I haven’t had the opportunity to go to work since everyone at the office was off on a business trip. The weather in Auburn is driving me insane, so up & down!! Luckily, it finally snowed yesterday & today, but that didn’t stop me from dressing in non-snow attire! I always laugh at myself for never dressing appropriately for the weather… whenever it’s hot out, I wear more clothing, & when it’s cold out, I wear less! Oh well, what can ya do ;) Today was my first day back at my internship in a few weeks, & boy, how I’ve missed it! Working from home just isn’t the same. I chose to wear neutral solids today, since the weather is kind of dreary. I have had this jacket for probably 4 years. It’s from Hollister, which I feel silly wearing since that’s what I wore in middle school. But I love it, so whatever!! The grey shirt is my go-to piece. (Y’all have seen a lot of it). It’s from H&M, which means it’s very comfy & versatile. I had to get these boots after seeing Danielle of Just Dandy wear them! They are actually very comfortable & can be paired with more than I thought! To add a little distraction from the solids, I threw on my Kate Spade handbag, which also can be added to a lot of different looks!! (I just wish it carried more, knowing I take my Macbook and iPad to work). Time to take off my make up & put some Netflix on..I hope y’all have a great night!! Xoxo

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  1. I'm doing a post about distressed jeans, mind if I use your picture? I'll be linking it to your blog! Thanks :)