March 15, 2014

Party like Barbie
{or just dress like her}

I spent this lovely Saturday shopping with my lovely mother, and managed to not buy anything. Trust me, I’m just as surprised as you are. My mother is even more surprised.  

So it is possible to fall madly in love with shoes? Because I totally have- and if that’s not love, I don’t know what love is. Valentino makes any day brighter, especially when they’re pink. I mean, they’re practically my babies.

Can we talk about these leopard skinnies? Goodness gracious, “fierce” is their middle name. I knew I had to find some when I saw Courtney Kerr wearing some on Courtney Loves Dallas (fave show, btw). Granted, she is definitely taller so I was worried that they wouldn’t look good on me. Being 5’2, I have to be careful what I wear because I can start to look 4 feet tall (or 4 feet wide). But all I had to do was throw on some heels and the problem was fixed ;) P.S.- if you order these, be careful with the zipper since it’s on the side. I have zipped up my skin a hundred million times. OUCH.

I have to ball-on-a-budget every now and then (sigh). So instead of buying Linda Farrow's for $800, I hustled over to Forever 21 and found these beauties for $6. Yes I know, you get what you pay for, but these will do while I’m saving up for the others. I feel so sassy wearing them..that’s not a problem, is it? Along with cheap-spending on the sunnies, I ordered this tee from Etsy for about $20. Hello, inexpensive fabulousness. ;)

I won’t bore you with my obsession over this Celine anymore, so I will simply state that I adore it and it goes with everything. Plus, it’s hot pink. That should be enough for you to fall in love with it, too. Come on, I won’t be mad.

I hope y’all have a wonderful rest of your weekend. My spring break was spent shopping and saving as much money as I can so I can do more fun things this summer (and buy more pink goodies).


shirt : etsy // skinnies : zara // slingbacks : valentino // handbag : celine {on ebay} // sunnies : F21


  1. I saw those pants today at f21 and was so tempted to buy them! They look so good on you!

  2. I'm normally not a huge cheetah print fan, but I love those pants! I agree, they are fierce!

    Marie H.
    Progression By Design