October 19, 2014

Becoming the Lord's...

Many of you saw my picture on Instagram of me getting a second tattoo, and I hope y'all weren't freaking out over the thought of what I was getting. If you haven't seen a picture of my first one, it says Acts 2:38 and my baptism date underneath. My new tattoo is very significant to me, as claiming the Lord as my Savior was the best decision I've ever made. Here's the meaning of why I got this tattoo and why I chose the placement:

If you look to the left of the "t", I'm sure you can see a fairly large scar, which is the aftermath of a suicide attempt a while back. I connected the "t" to the scar to show how my past life is now gone and I am redeemed thanks to Jesus Christ. He has forgiven me of my sins, and I am completely renewed in the Lord. I chose to get white ink again to symbolize purity, and I cannot thank Him enough for making me pure again. I based my tattoo off of Romans 14:8, which says, "If we live, we live for the Lord; and if we die, we die for the Lord. So whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord." I cannot back that up enough. Belonging to the Lord is great responsibility, but the result is the biggest blessing ever. Everyday I wake up feeling new and happier than ever. Sometimes I fall away from Him and forget that He is there but somehow He always shows up and reminds us that He NEVER left us. How amazing is it that our God, our amazing King, is ALWAYS by our sides, no matter what happens?! It blows my mind every single day... (and I just got the chills typing that.) 

I understand if some of you do not like the tattoo, placement, or meaning, but that's okay because it means EVERYTHING to me and I will never regret claiming Jesus Christ as my Lord. xx


  1. Beautiful, inspirational story. Much love from a sister in Christ.

  2. Wow! Kudos to you for your openness. So glad that you are still here with us - you have SO MUCH to bring to this world! Looking forward to future posts :)

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  3. Love this!!! You are so incredibly brave to share your story! What an inspiration!