January 4, 2014

Happy Saturday!! I hope everyone has had a fabulous Christmas and New Years! The weather has been so back and forth in Huntsville, so I can never decide how to dress. So of course, the best thing to do is layer, which is exactly what I did today. My outfit is very inexpensive, which can be nice sometimes! The thing I absolutely love about simple and bold pieces, is how you can pair them. We all know that I love to wear a ton of color and stand out in the fashion world, but sometimes it can be fun to be simple and chic at the same time, with just one piece standing out (like my Kate Spade that bag I am wearing today). The chambray top is my favorite layering piece, and it is from Forever 21, along with the grey top. The pants are from Target, and also one of my favorite items I own. They can be dressed up and dressed down whenever you please! These heels are Nine West and literally THE MOST comfortable shoes I own! They feel like TOMS, but with a heel (and dressier). So if any of y'all are looking for the perfect nude heel, please go buy these! Only a few more days of dressing up before I go back to Auburn on the 7th. 
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!! Xoxo 


  1. Cute outfit!! I also love Forever 21 and Nine West shoes!

    xoxo Miss ALK

  2. I am loving those shoes! Glad to hear they're so comfortable!

  3. You're too cute! Love the shoes, I may have to check them out!

  4. Love this outfit! Pairing a chambray top under any sweater is perfect! :) xoxo dailydoseofdarling.com

  5. New follower! Love your blog:))