March 13, 2014

out with the old..
in with the new

I am absolutely thrilled to be changing up my ways- beauty ways, that is! As you can see, I got a little major trim on Tuesday. 5 inches, to be exact. Huge move for me, considering I have had long hair for quite some time. I do still want to cut it off to my shoulders though (eeep). Oh, and I added some layers, too. For all of my Huntsville babes (or any gals around the area and feel like traveling), I HIGHLY recommend seeing Christina at Terramae Day Spa & Salon. Seriously she is the best. I am still that awkward middle-schooler who shows pictures of what I want my cut/color to look like, and after some slight suggestions, Christina gets to it and it’s perfect (huge understatement, btw) in the end! Plus she’s is adorable and full of sass. Hmm…wonder why I’d like her ;) hashtag sassqueen

Along with the new do, I moved on to some big-girl foundation. After struggling with the average drugstore make-up, I finally got the nerve (and the fuller bank-account) to head to Chanel and try some of theirs. HALLELUJAH it’s amazing. My skin tone is naturally pink so I was very picky when finding the perfect full-coverage cream while also not looking too-cakey. And tah-dah I found it!! I went with the Chanel Perfection Lumiere. I have definitely proven that you get what you pay for. (Which I should have known, since my Diorshow mascara is $32.) Now all I am in need of is a good blush/bronzer mix. If any of you lovely ladies need a new foundation, I highly recommend the Chanel one I purchased. It is definitely worth the money. Plus, it photoshoots well, which is absolutely perfect for us bloggers ;)

I hope everyone has a great rest of your week, because tomorrow is FRIDAY. Hallelujah, once again!



  1. I have been using Chanel Perfection Lumiere for years and still obsessed with it! I am interested to try the new Chanel bronzer that came out a few months ago. That might be my next splurge :)

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  3. I just cut & donated my hair! A whole 11 inches! Now it's shoulder length & I couldn't be happier with it! (: